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A Boy Who Had a Vibrant Glow..

..But You Took It From Me

3 January
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So now I hang out down by the train's depot. No, I don’t ride, I just sit and watch the people there.They remind me of wind-up cars in motion. They way they spin and turn and jockey for positions. And I wanna scream out that it all is nonsense. Their life’s one track and can’t they see it’s pointless? But just then my knees give under me my head feels weak and suddenly it’s clear to see, it’s not them, but me who’s lost my self-identity and I hide behind these books I read while scribbling my poetry like art could save a wretch like me with some ideal ideology that no one could hope to achieve and I'm never real, it's just a sketch of me and everything I’ve made is trite and cheap and a waste...
of paint..
of tape...
of time...

DDR is love.

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Save Tokyo Mew Mew, Bitches.
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